What an event full evening!

It was an evening like no other with non stop entertainment as Basil, Sybil and Manuel reenacted a variety of infamous sketches.

Guest were 'ushered' in to be seated, closely followed by a frantic Manuel wielding a fire extinguisher, and as the evening progressed so did the hilarity.

As expected Basil played his usual calm and ordered role, until of course, the Major's gun was discovered and the Siberian hamster appeared at which point chaos broke out as Basil chased the rat around the restaurant firing shots. 

Sybil was her usual courteous self, and mingled with the guest, however she reappeared after dinner in a slightly worse for wear state and staggered around the room before bursting into song to Basil's disgust.

With excellent entertainment, a delicious three course meal and a very successful auction, the evening was a resounding success.

Thanks to all those who came along, donated raffle prizes and supported the event, together we raised a whopping £7500!

Where's the rat?