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If you have a child between 0-12 years old and feel you need support you can

CONTACT US directly.

If you know of a family in need of support, you can REFER THEM to us - as long as the family are aware and have given their permission.

Home-Start provides support wherever there is a need – below are just some examples of the challenges we can support you with.


‘Mental ill health and post-natal illness’

Nearly half the parents we support need help because they are struggling to cope with post-natal illness, mental health or the mental health of their partner.

Getting up to face another dark day is a struggle when you are in the grips of a mental health condition or post-natal illness. Functioning and being able to care for your child/ren can become an impossible task. 

A volunteer can visit you at home each week.  They can help you (and your partner) find ways to cope and be there for your child and can support you to access other specialist services.


If you’ve moved away from friends and family, don’t drive or have a partner who works long hours or away from home – you may feel lonely and isolated.

Nearly two thirds of the families we support are feeling desperately alone and unhappy. This can lead to anxiety, low mood and depression.

Our volunteers have been referred to as ‘a lifeline’ by parents who’ve been in this situation.

Disability and Illness’

Parenting a child with additional needs, disability or long-term illness brings daily challenges that can  leave parents feeling exhausted and desperate.

This is also the case when a parent has a disability or health issue of their own, or is supporting a partner with a disability or illness.  Sometimes a parent cannot physically meet the child’s basic needs, and this impacts on the child.

Every parent’s situation and experience is different, which is why our volunteer support is tailor-made for your family.  Our volunteers have previously supported families in similar situations and have helped them access local toddler groups and attend medical appointments.  They have also provided invaluable emotional support and helped the family access financial or professional support services if necessary.

‘Twins, triplets and many children’

Coping with multiple births or several children under five is hard work.  You may need support when the new baby/babies come along, or it may be when they become mobile and are running off in different directions. Simple things like popping to the shop or going to the doctors become mammoth tasks, and of course the usual challenges of feeding and sleeping are multiplied!

Our volunteers support gives you that much needed extra pair of hands

To find out the types of support we can to offer visit WHAT WE DO